Never Say Yes


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And she will never say yes, because she knows the truth is made up of lies.

She knows her skies are made up of stars that will never fathom into constellations

She is aware even when she is trying to be unaware.

She is naked, her skin and soul bared.

She will never say yes.

Because saying yes would mean being the fool of an illusion

Existent only in her mind, making her every wish collide.

She will not say yes regardless of how much she wants to.

Regardless of how much she wants it to be real.

Regardless of how badly she needs to





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I’m soft.

I try not to let the world made me hard, or your lies break my smile.

I’m soft as the wind whispering into your ear an “I love You”.

Soft as the birds, high in flight.

Free of spirit, heart, and mind.

I’m soft because this world allows me to love you.


I’m soft.


I’m a soft drop of water running down your back;

Soft candle light adoring your thighs.

I am your soft heart breaking into pieces.

I am your warm smile greeting all those she misses.


Mirrored Souls


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~ Mirrored your soul in mine and lost myself in the endeavor that is your smile.
Flew away, propelled by the soft wind that are your words, 
and fell asleep to the lullaby of you .

Never lovers, always friends, dancing around the words we never say 
hoping for a glance that never comes, always being strung along.. 
Colliding with myself with every thought of you. Weakness in my bones, 
and it is all for you… all for you. ~

The shell is sometimes the most beautiful thing <3


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I could write a book with all the lies you tell,

all of which I now know by heart.

I know the meaning behind every squint you make,

and how you have a shortage of breath every time

you catch my smile.


I know it pains you every time I softly decline.


I could write a breathtaking symphony with

the things you’ve said to make me smile.

Making me dream, taking me high, hoping

to be the one and only you claim at dusk and every night.


I know you would love to own my heart.

My body is your ultimate desire.


I could tell you lies, sing you lullabies.

Sweet whispers in your ears every night.

I could take you high, Claim your kingdom mine.

Be your one and only queen ‘til the end of times. 

The facade


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There is something marvelous about finding yourself and carving your way
Regardless of how many tears you shed or mistakes you make.
Regardless of how many sleepless nights you go without dreaming;
Wondering if smiles are real or deceiving…

But you change..

The drive in your eyes seems to dissipate every time he looks your way
and into a love story you fade..
What a facade.


Got some time off at work. – Unedited.


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I write for you because I don’t know anything else. 

I don’t know what it feels like to let your emotions rattle and fight themselves inside you. 

An eternal pandemonium. 

And I write because birds sing in my ear amazing memories and stories

about wild adventures. 

I write because it makes me free. 

I write because it keeps me here.

I need this to live. 


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