Walking While Fat and Female – Or, Why I Don’t Care Not All Men are Like That

An Open Soul:

Because every woman is beautiful regardless of her size

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I started walking between 5 and 12 miles a day about year after I moved to Seattle. The main motivator was a crippling anxiety about being late coupled with an inconsistent public transportation system (that will now become less consistent, yippee). Additionally, working in an industry with late nights (I house manage for various theaters) means that if you’re reliant on public transit, you will be waiting for an hour at a scary bus stop with Mr. and Mrs. Meth Addict at 1:30 in the morning. Walking became a way for me to take control of my commute. It was my time. Four mile walk to work. Four mile walk back. In the rain. In the dark. In the cold. Every season. Sometimes with tunes. Sometimes with “Stuff You Missed in History Class.” Sometimes talking to myself. And sometimes with silence.

When I moved to Seattle I weighed 260 pounds. Because…

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by Baronique

You can’t tame a wild heart,

luring into unknown grounds

just for the thrill of the high.

Oh no, baby, you can’t

force me to stop being me.

Just Like I can’t stop you from being

everything you are meant to be.


Yet, I’m tamed.

Unruled, free at mind, at heart,

while your name runs its path

through my golden veins

What can I say?

You turn me inside out,

And it is a beautiful grace.


Fè en Tì


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image by HesterTatnell

Tengo fe en ti, 

pues yo una vez fui alguien no tan sincera. 

Yo tambien jugue, heri, me alocaba noche tras noche 

sin nada sentir. Yo tambien fui libre, 

sin ataduras. Un ave volando entre cielos,

amando eternamente la luna. 

Yo tambien me fui fiel a mi misma sobre todas las cosas,

dejandome guiar por el deseo carnal.

Yo tambien he hecho derramar lagrimas de cristal

Tengo fe en ti.

Porque desarrolle raices, que ahora protejo

contra cualquier tempestad.

Porque aun sin necesidad, a otro ser voluntariamente

me he llegado a atar.

Porque nuestro cielo es mi libertad y alzo vuelo libremente.

Porque a tu lado puedo compartir la luna;

Amar la noche libremente.

Porque mi hambre carnal se satisface con tu piel.

Vivo hambrienta de tus besos,  de sentirte piel contra piel.

letting down my guard and writing what i want to write

An Open Soul:

I understand completely how she feels, sure at one point so have you… A beautiful read ♡

Originally posted on Writing for Myself:


One of the problems I have with blogging is that I can be indecisive about what my purpose is. Why do I have a blog? Is it worth the time I put into it? I try to be selective about how I spend my time. The older I get the less I have of it left and I want to make wise choices. There aren’t a lot of “have-to’s” in my vocabulary- I’m aware of the difference between what I must do and what I want to do.

I’m sure I’m not the only one that struggles with this aspect of blogging. In the time that I’ve been doing it consistently and making the effort to find a blogging community, I’ve seen lots of blogs come and go. For me, the biggest issue is that I lose focus. I tire of my own voice, I wonder if there is anything…

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