my northern wind


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If words were enough to express my every feeling for you I would be writing for decades.

My hands would get sore and tired even old, but words wouldn’t stop flowing. Sentences would not stop being written. My love wouldn’t stop being expressed, or felt.

And if sunshine where a gift we could control I would make sure to make it shine your way every minute of every day, every day of every month, every month of every year… as long as I breathe.

If the stars could speak they would confess to you how many nights I stay up thinking of you, adoring you, composing  rhythms on your name… how many nights I wish you were there.

I wish I could express to you how much you mean to me, show you how you have altered my soul and every single cell in me.

Because every breath I take is a silent thanks to the Lord for putting you in my way, and making me yours until this very day

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Eres agua bendita


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 De luz llenas a mi alma; la alteras sin tocarla.

Me llenas de calor, aún sin ser tuya tienes control

de mi cuerpo y corazón.

Porque tus ojos reflejan manantiales benditos que invitan al paraíso,

tu boca es un manjar que no me canso de degustar.

En tus agua bendita desnuda quiero nadar

bajo el cielo estrellado te quiero amar,

tu cuerpo contra el mío disfrutar.

Quiero verte a otro mundo viajar en mi mirar y sonreír al despertar;

digna reina de nuestro hogar…

Deseo llenar de calor tu corazón,

 mi nombre tu dulce bendición,  

mi piel el más delicioso sabor.

A tu lado quiero crecer, caer y volver a más fuerte vencer.

En tus ojos quiero perecer y noche tras noche en tus dulces labios caer.

Take you to the moon


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Let me take you to the moon

Can assure you’ll love the ride back

Let’s explore the world together

Collecting stars for your eyes.

I will slide with you down rainbows

Find ways of making your tears sweet.

I will sing to you, dear darling,

Days Filled of sweet melody.

There will be no place like ours

Once your heart merges with mine.

You’ll forget about the world

My eyes will be your holiest desire.

An addiction. You will never get enough

You will meet marvelous places you didn’t know exist in your soul.

That’s my love.

So let me take you to the moon,

we’ll find our home amongst the stars.

Let me take you to the moon.

You’ll never wanna come back.

My Devil


If I had not before, I have met my devil.

It comes as fresh, scented skin so soft it makes your fingertips tickle.
Eyes so deep the ocean is no comparison, and the forever-inspiring blue sky is utterly jealous.
It comes as a smile so wonderful your world just stops for a second. It lingers on your every sense, a momentum. You are absorbed into the wonderful fantasy world it creates for you. It comes as playful innocence that will lure you into believing his heart is true.


He just stands in front of you.
Before you know it, he owns every part of you.

He consumes you…
Lifting you high while skies are blue, loving from afar when needed. Giving you all of him, make you a believer. He will become your all. Pleasuring you, traveling roads unknown.

Before you know it, you start to feel the cold.
Actions you can’t comprehend starting fucking with your soul.
As seasons past your shades start turning dark,
This is when you realize your devil is sleeping in your arms.


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