The Loveliest Rendezvous


Found refugee in his arms in my darkest nights.
The light at the end of the tunnel,
His breathtakingly gorgeous smile
That brings a shiver up my spine
Every… single… time…

Oh, he whispers lullabies in my ears,
My source of motivation.
He’s led me to salvation;
My source of Inspiration.

He’s got a set of angel eyes
That burn right through me.
Yet, I’ve been good at hiding
I’d surrender to him…


painting by Cory Jayde


He intentado

He intentado otros besos para borrar tu recuerdo. He intentado otros labios para olvidar que te quiero; Empezado otros fuegos, recorrido otros desiertos… créeme, que lo intento. Pero mi cuerpo te quiere a ti…