I don’t have a reason to stay near you

But I wanna make you my boy.

I thought that side of you

You’d let me seen

Was an intimate moment and not a put – up – show.

I feel so dumb when I start thinking straight.

I want to believe every word you say


You’re driving me insane with your lines

Having you be both an angel and a devil inside

Makes this game worthwhile,

Makes the smiles run by.


But baby you and I

This isn’t meant to me.

The way you acting shows you’re too much of a kid to handle me.

You’re still a little kid

Who surely cant handle a woman like me.

You want to act all tough and like you got game on me

But I can see right through you and see your eyes look for excuses in despair

What a bloody shame.



You, immature boy who already had me at nights

You are the reason I write this lyrics out tonight.

It’s you, it’s you..

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