Me… shell-less

I must admit

I can sometimes be a bitch
not taking into consideration other people’s feelings.
Yet the things is..
There is no thing.
Sometimes it’s just what it is.
I feel it’s my duty to honestly say
I’m more than what meets the eye.
even though I dont try hard to let that side shine,
there’s a soft, sweet side.
I may be a rebell,
I may like to have fun,
I may be a spoiled bitch who
likes to get what she wants,
but Im the type of person that will run
into your arms whenever you’re in some harm,
that one that no matter what will give you cover and shelter.
I know.
It’s not enough to have someone on the bad parts
It’s necessary to have someone there when the sun shines as well.
What can I say?
As one of the most influential persons in my life once said,
I’m “a very good girl who makes a lot of bad decisions”…
Maybe showing my strong-minded side is not the best.
Who knows..
W h o k n o w s ?

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