My mother one day told me I lived in a bubble, I wasn’t ready to live by myself yet.
I had no sense of responsability when it came to paying the bills, doing groceries, and many other house-regarding subjects.
I obviously blamed her.
How long can you protect something until you end up hurting it instead?
How long can a bubble be exposed to the sun without bursting into particles of nothing..
Don’t know; Don’t know

Living in the Bubble I found myself in for six years now, I am amazed. I have no sense of real life. What to others is such a shocking reality to me is something I happen to sometimes read in the news.
Have I grown selfish? Have I grown into an ignorant?
Who’s to blame? I wasn’t the one that chose it this way… I was not the one to choose this bubble Ive been experiencing, where the world’s darkness stops at the main gate, and the sun rises every day at 12. This wonderland in which anything is allowed, and you live your days as you please, being able to just take anything you want or need. This bubble… that for us is an amusement park, where everything’s allowed because we say so, because we do so, in which every day is a Friday night, and every night is the 4th of July.
This bubble that doesn’t seem to pop. That protects us while somehows still harms us.

May I get a look outside?
Into the reality of this world. Get a sense of what is real, and not what I’ve made real, what I’ve made mine, What I’ve claimed by the liberty given to me. When you leave this bubble filled with champagne. we have the liberty we want and could wish for, but do we pay a very high price for it. Our liberty, costs us the highest of price: Living the unreality.

What will happen when the bubble pops? “You’re so big now, but can’t leave home”
So open minded, yet somehow close hearted.. not ready to start your path, or at least that’s what they say, when they are too afraid of letting your bubble pop and having you fly high and far away.

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