Without a word

Without a word I’ll let you know

(how much u mean to me)
With a slight touch
I’ll describe what’s hidden behind every kiss.
With a simple glance 
I’ll express what you are to me.

Without whispering a word, I’ll ask you to stay.
My fingertips running down your back 
to express my tenderness;
my fingertips cruising up your back 
express I’d wish to be nowhere but there.
Without pronouncing a word. 
I might be falling in “crush”.
Without pronouncing a word…

Without a word I’ll kiss you 
and gently touch your cheeks.
without a smile I’ll hug you 
and pretend u’d wish to be nowhere but here.
Without a word I’ll vanish into the uncertainty of you. 
My words will be running down your skin
as my fingertips express what I feel for you.

Every moment, in every way 
I’ll find my way to explain…
The beauty of  not saying a word

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