Once Upon a Time

How things have changed… 
Once upon a time I swore to myself that no sunrise would make me love the moon a little less,
that no tree would make me fall in love with the sea a little less. 
Once upon a time… 
I was brave enough to grab a ladder and paint my whole sky grey 
just for the fun of it, 
just for the thrill of it.
I would live with a grey sky under a pink lifestyle, 
I would fly with the eagles just to watch the skyscrapers from above.
Once upon a time, all I knew was strength, being fearless, and hope
I was brave.
I was bold. 

Once upon a time had I looked at myself now I would have been in awe
Now the sunshine and the moonlight twirl around in such a form
it’s amazing what they’ve done;
hard to believe what I’ve become. 
Where is that girl I let go of?

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