As I watched the new adventures of old Christine this morning  I asked myself is I was partially like her in a way. In this morning’s episode her therapist helps her find out she is the type of person to quit when things get hard, difficult, or when there is too much of a commitment. Yeap, might sound just like me!

Apparently lately I’ve been quitting practically anything. I’ve given up on some of my dreams because it was hard enough for me to write a book, I used to say. I haven’t published my compositions as would be expected and as I’ve been encouraged to do, my excuse? It’s hard enough to get a proper market in this country nowadays. I’ve even given up on some boys as well the minute it gets too hard or there’s too much commitment I just bail out, as fast as I can, as painless as I can, I just walk away. There are books I love and have never finished, as a matter of fact, I’ve given away two of my favorite books, without even getting near to reading the last page. Finishing something is accepting it ends.

This morning I lay here with my laptop on my legs and blog. Today, after almost a week of not posting a thing today I find something to blog about, or simply decide it’s time to post.  Either laziness is stuck on my bones in such a way I can’t even describe, or I’m the type of person to quit anything, everyone, or everything. Guess I have to pop my bubble and get it in my head that laziness is a sin, maybe I should tattoo it on my wrist, that way I’ll never forget.  (I wont)

3 thoughts on “iQuit

      1. mm-mm
        just because a person’s sins are less, doesn’t make them better 🙂
        darkness is still darkness, it cannot pass for light…

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