It’s not about the sick love per se, it’s all the punches that matter

I’ve been in your shoes. 
I know what it’s like to feel the world crashing on your shoulders after his back is turned on you 
and how each tear going down your cheek feels like a laser through your skin.
I know what it feels.
To cry every night because he seems to be the only way out of your misery 
and all of a sudden it’s like you can’t live without him.
I’ve also played to be strong.
Saying he ain’t really worth it and that he does not deserve you at all. 
Yeah, those typical words.
I’ve allowed love to blind me from what it all really was, 
and danced tango with the devil with the moon shining on my back.
The place where I haven’t been 
Is letting a guy smack me just ’cause he feels like it.
 you accept to be treated the way you think you deserve, 
you accept to be loved in an unhealthy way 
Maybe ’cause you feel lost?
Perhaps you’re feeling scared?
Je ne sais… 
It’s a sad sickness
that might end up with you been dead. 

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