and sand fell in love with the sea

Why is it that the softest of all waves can make
 this sand castle crumble into the water?
While the sunshine lights up every little drop or grain
my sand castle’s standing firm and pretty 
as a wave of  you comes and washes it all away.. 
Oh, what to say?

It’s the illusion that’s forgotten splitted into little grains,
It’s reality hitting every door and windowframe.. 
It’s the sea, making love to the sand in the most enigmatic way 
Or it’s just life, telling the sand castle it wasn’t meant to stay.
It’s a fragile sand castle versus a powerful wave

6 thoughts on “and sand fell in love with the sea

  1. Unless I ForgetWe ponder and we forgiveA life of needless to says, remembering all we lostWe continue to create illusionsTo persist indefinitely while explaining nothingDon't the moment break the purity of our gazeAll we do is separate what belongs togetherFinding lies and indecencies where there are noneTry and remember that life in its purest formIs beautifulYou are beautiful, and under that lost smileThere is hope for a new flower to bloomI refuse to not notice what others mistake for something elseTo pursue that fire that others have failed to embraceI lack many a thing, but not the sight of what can beAnd maybe we'll seeDon't make me forget my way along this pathAnd make me find clarity in the dark, I know it too wellSo be there and continue to find a light within youAlthough time passes without our meddlingWe choose when the time is rightI will be there, with my eyes openPlease remind me whyUnless, I forget

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