I thought you’d make everything easier, thought u’d make me happy,
And you did, for a couple of days or weeks you did,
for some days you were my daydream and i just couldnt get enough of you
i wanted all of you
and loved every singe inch of you
but after a while the sun came up
and i didnt not like what i saw
Everything started to get darker when the sun shone
it all started to twirl around my neck
and I started to need air{am i supposed to need air?}

2 thoughts on “

  1. I reflect the pain within me on to youI break and rebuild myselfall for youTry and understand I hurtmore than youI deal with pain of making you happywhile hurting youWhile you control what you feelI let it control meWe all go against our judgment sometimesBut that's not you and meYou dwell on what I say and doMe? I dwell on what you really areJust remember I love so many things about youJust accept were meant for more, to actually go farIn reality it was never about singularitybut rather about us togetherThe moments, the happiness, the smilesit was both of usI know you're ready to let it all goBut pause and muse about usIs it all to become a part of your past?Or the future of us, do you really believe, its not enough?Te quiero princesa.

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