Because of You~

Every once in a while I gaze back.

It’s already been some time,
but Somewhere inside me it’s still alive.
You never looked back, never looked back.
Even after some months I shed tears.
No matter how far you go,
to me you’re right here.
My chest will pump faster just for you;
And I’ll feel the same rush everytime I see you.
Why dont we go back?
Let the memories come back.
I’ll slowly kiss your neck;
I’m hurting ’cause of you
Turned into someone new ’cause of you
‘Cause of you.
And I love you
so deeply and purely
I miss you
My heart has no love
for other than you.
Still you…
Will it ever stop being you?
First Published on: Sep 2, 2011 @ 22:42

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