From Lovers to Nothing

From strangers to lovers, and

From lovers to nothing.

Slowly loosing everything there ever was

In between.

They claim every day is a chance to start over.

I say every day is a chance to be free,

Yet I find myself trapped in between your lips.

My strength drops as fast as does every tear.

Warming me inside as does the sunshine on my skin.

Days pass so slowly now,

Slowlier than ever.

Mouths barely open now,

Quieter than ever.

My heart is in fear,

such distance we keep.

Are we headed to nothing?

If so, be soft and sweet as I leave.

16 thoughts on “From Lovers to Nothing

      1. I am also direct 😛
        but let’s say I asked you
        “Are you a very sensitive person?”
        You would weight your answer and respond, right?
        But I corrected you instead and seeing your reaction, I can tell you’re not over-sensitive 🙂
        which is good.
        So sometimes being indirect might help… Especially when you cannot speak to the person face to face
        Cause writing is more creation than reaction…

  1. when it’s with the wrong person, no matter how much effort we put in
    it won’t magically be right…
    the tricky part is finding out who the right one is
    and that’s the worst joke cupid can play on us…
    because we can never know who that person might be

    as you said yourself, we are reborn ever moment,
    choices for and against love are made everyday by people…
    no one knows anything really in the end…

    but all is not lost… 🙂
    we can still hope and love as much as we can
    and be happy that we are able to love…

    1. Of course. One should love every time as if they have never lost, or never known the true feeling of heartache.
      That’s what life is all about. Being born somehow again and again…

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