Hello there, you wandering sheep. you lost soul who would entertain herself to avoid crying herself to sleep. Why are you worrying? Or not exactly worrying, but why are you nostalgic for something you know is better left behind. Not because someone else said so, or because each and every one of your confidents told you so, because to everyone else it was so obvious, but because deep down, deep inside yourself you knew it too. It was never real. She was always partly fake.

No matter how many years had passed since the day you girls decided to be best friends, or how many fights you had gone though and how many times you had made up, deep inside you knew that all those years did not really held as much importance as you wanted to give them. Perhaps you did so because you so badly craved for everyone to be wrong about her. Or maybe, just maybe, because you were too afraid to be alone… alone with yourself, alone with your broken mind, alone with your thoughts. In a point of your life in which you had no mental peace at all, and in which laughing seemed like the best and only escape, she was that, an escape that you foolishly confused with a friendship.

So, as hard as it is was to understand and accept this, some things are better left, simply left.

You’re happy.

You have peace now.

Real peace now.

Let go.  Enjoy.

Hoping peace continues to be with you,


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