Brown eyed girl

Where is that girl with big, brown eyes

that you once met?

The girl that closed her eyes whenever

the wind strongly blew her way,

And gave the fakests of smiles

when her skies were grey.


Where is the girl that dared to love you?


She was the type that made you laugh

Regardless of the weight on your back.

She was so fragile and so weak;

Her part that no one would see.

A girl that even when trapped

felt free.


Where is the girl that grew to love you?


The girl whose hips moved

to the melody of every song.

Her body swirled without control

when she felt she was in the zone.


Where is that girl you met,

that made you want to fall in love?

4 thoughts on “Brown eyed girl

      1. I meant all these things you write are just a fragment of who you are…
        πŸ™‚ that can’t be sometimes… cause this is just a peek into your world…

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