I’m Sorry

I’m sorry but you won’t find me running

after someone that’s trying to be chased.

My heart  can’t and won’t.

I won’t refuse to let go.

Don’t worry about me,

I’m sure some random day I’ll be okay.

Regardless of the numerous sunsets

in which I’ll cry my eyes away.

I’m sure the scars won’t fade.

The hopeless lover will fall through the cracks

and loose herself.

Sure after this won’t see love the same way again.

I’m sorry, but my heart’s too fragile and so am I.

You’ve destroyed my heart, but I still got my pride.

Regardless of it all, I hope you find your way home.

And find true love somewhere along the road.

4 thoughts on “I’m Sorry

      1. hmm…
        It’s not sad-sad, cry-cry like that…
        It’s also about moving on when something is over… instead of stalling…
        So it is encouraging as well 🙂
        I wouldn’t wanna make you sad…

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