Daily Prompt: Flawed

What is your worst quality?

To accept and understand that you are flawed, and that out of all your flaws, one is the worst…

I would recognize Giving too much as my worst quality.

Sadly, it’s something I have found myself doing ever since I can remember. I am not personally sure if this requires a “sadly”, because I am still not sure of whether I am “wrong” for being this way, or if it’s a “good” quality, and I just haven’t had the luck to find someone who appreciates it.

I do too much, I help too much, I am there too much… It’s something even my  closest friends have noticed.

And there it is.

Me, flawed..

Always, always, giving too much..

10 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Flawed

      1. maybe you should’t pick them then
        someone who understands these things should do it 🙂

        if you put it back yourself, it will still be shattered
        someone else can make it new… I think so at least… he, he

      2. no one is intentionally easy or hard 🙂
        sometimes connections happen
        sometimes they don’t…
        there are a lot of tiny details which effect the way people respond to each other…

        i don’t think you’re easy 😛
        I think you are quite smart and have learnt some good lessons, so you know what you are doing and not doing now.

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