Daily Prompt: Me Time


Ummm.. Since I’m playing on breaking up with my boyfriend tonight I’d say my perfect Sunday would consist of waking up in my beach house. That’s the one place I like to go just to relax and be calm, (or to go party and happily life live) and in which I feel I can meditate about my life and what awaits me. Perfection, on this very moment, would be waking up and walking towards our deck, just in time to see the sun come up, reminding me that it will always, ALWAYS be bright, no matter how bad things may seem right now. We just need to change our perspective on things. We just need to understand better days are ahead. A perfect Sunday morning-wake-up would be having the combined sounds of roosters and waves wake me up, feeling me with that sort of peace only waves can fill me with. My perfect Sunday would consist of waking up to an empty beach, because the moments I enjoy the most are the ones in which I have complete privacy. It’d be Waking up in a place too far for anyone to just show up, and too remote for cell phones to really work. It would be to wake up in that little paradise I can gladly call home, so I can completely relax and get my head and heart together.. or as much as I possibly could. It would be to TRULY understand, on that Sunday, that sometimes your heart takes paths that are not best for you, that it’s better to be hurt and heart-broken than to be mistreated and fooled. It would be to start healing, slowly, but surely, until it does not hurt anymore to think of the last few days. Until I can understand. Until remembering doesn’t bring tears into my eyes as it just did. It would be to start the not-resenting him process, so I can truly be happy and move on without caring about him, even though -knowing me- I doubt that will be the case.

A perfect Sunday would be one in which my heart understood what my mind just realized, and the hurting ceased to exist.IMG-20120101-00133

…And after that Perfect Sunday, I would want to just stay there for a couple of more weeks, because a day is not enough to start healing about something that consumed every bit of your soul, for over a year.


3 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Me Time

      1. hmm, the eternal summer might get boring
        but it looks like you have the sea in your backyard (if that is your house)
        that is cool πŸ™‚ –
        you must be so used to hearing the waves…

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