My Kind Of Love

The kind of love I want may be uncommon,

or may be common among the people that are truly in love.

I wouldn’t know…

I want a kind of love that protects me even from my very self.

Someone that knows just when I am about to reach my limits,

even when I am unaware.

The kind of love I want is the kind of love you write movies about,

not because it may be epic,

not because it was fun and wild,

or had to endure a lot of trouble,

but simply because it was real.

I want a kind of love that doesn’t ask about the past,

because it would only care about the present me,

not all the mistakes and things that led to me.

I want a love that accepts the real me.

Not the me with makeup and stilettos on,

or the me that everyone thinks I am,

The me that only I know I am,

and my better half.

I want someone who laughs at my corniest jokes,

and tells me I love you right afterwards,

because when corny I’m at my best.

I want someone who will look into my eyes

and loose themselves in them,

longing to own my heart, mind, and soul.

I want a love that will embrace me,

that will protect me, that will cherish me

and adore me like no one else ever has.

Someone that gives me some realistic version of a fairytale,

because we’d both be bored trying

to fit into the mold of “perfection”.

I want a love with a little danger.

A love that’s fun and always youthful,

would be my kind of love,

no matter how many decades it already has.

A love that will inspire people to ask us

the secret to the happiness of a romantic life.

I want a love I am proud to tell my grandchildren about,

right next to their grandpa.

I want a love that takes my breath away,

with a gaze, with a touch, with an ever so slight kiss.

A love that will caress my back every night to help me fall asleep.

I want a love that gives it all,

because it will be receiving the very best of me.

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