Status: Single, but acting like I’m not

I’m oficially single. I left him at 2:34am, to be exact.

It’s such a weird feeling, after over a year of being with someone for every day and planning out the whole 2013 next to them. After changing your life around for them (something I now see was a mistake), and making them your whole world.

I was such a fool.

I know I am single, obviously. I also know I had EVERY RIGHT to leave him. But somehow, my heart is still clinging to the fact of what we had, and of what could have happened. I feel weird even speaking to my guy friends (Because, yeah, e-world, He made me get away from everyyyyyyyoneeeeee) and i even felt weird when my guy friend of over 5 years asked me to Skype with him. This is so weird for me. I had to stop him when he started trashing him. I had to push myself to reply. I dont wanna talk to my guy friends or guys at all.

I feel guilty.

I dont think this is normal.

13 thoughts on “Status: Single, but acting like I’m not

      1. No worries! I flash between intense hate, sadness, loneliness, and feeling like I’ll be alone forever. Usually in the space of an hour haha. You’re definitely not crazy! =) x

      2. Most likely. I just keep trying to remember the stuff I wrote in my latest post 🙂 I deserve more than he could be bothered giving.

      3. Yeah, that last post of your hit home! Even I keep reminding myself about it haha. You definitively deserve more. We both do! Smile, make friends, keep your mind busy and before you notice he won’t be wandering around your head! 😀

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