Where have i been?

I’ve been stuck between reality and my piece of fantasy

Wandering off to places always unknown.

Daydreaming about some kind of hope

Trying to be alone…


Where Have I been?

I’ve been between my eyes

and between my trembling lips

everytime someone says your name

I’ve been inside the pandemonium 

my mind has become.


I’ve been trying to be alone..

13 thoughts on “Where have i been?

      1. Smiles. Depending on our religion we each have our own concept of purity. Yet I am sure your soul is like virgin snow or pure white stretch of sandy beach without a single footprint.

      2. Feeling stupid. My ex gave me that fact a couple of weeks ago. I had forgotten.
        I’m glad I got more out of you than your typical “smile”. You just fell into my favorite category of people, even though you don’t really have the ‘accent’

      3. I hope your dreams are as interesting as is your writing. Thank you for the wishes, and it is, specially that particular category. Until next time

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