If words were enough…

With words I would play with your mind,

Making sure every verse aimed for a smile.

With words I would tease you.

I’d make you feel my desire.


If words

have the power to seduce my mind

and make my thighs tremble,

-craving your body as I bite my lips-

Then maybe words can be enough.

Maybe your words will caress my skin as I let myself go,

and fill me up with lust.


If words were enough…

10 thoughts on “Words

      1. Thanks and Congratulations for being the inspiration for my first post. My masculine soul is stirred by beauty. Once stirred it doesn’t settle until the emotions find expression. Your image and your words move me. Thanks for being a source of inspiration. 😉

      2. Let me explain…I had already posted when I invited you to my blog but I had paid you a visit an hour or so earlier while just exploring blogs. I hope that brings the clarity you seek. By the way, I have a new post to share with you. Come and see…

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