No Proper Goodbye


She feels his touch, and slowly lets herself go into the magic of the unknown.
Slowly, he caresses her shoulders with his index finger,
in the sort of way that expresses his love in every centimeter traveled.
She closes her eyes, and commits to feeling.

He gently kisses her hair, and whispers “I love you” in her ear.
And it’s as if the world had stopped and the wind had furiously blown past her.
She can feel every piece of her start to tremble.
{It was Delightful }

And just when she thought the moment was gone,
she feels his arms around her waist.
She feels his forehead on her head.
She feels alone. She feels awake.
She feels loved, in many ways.
It feels like forever, but there he comes,
slowly making his way to her lips,
parting them with every inch of who he is.
Giving up to this, whatever it is.
She embraces him like there’s no tomorrow,
and in fact, it’s not guaranteed.

Moments later his alarm goes off,
Previously set so he’d know when to go.
It was a brisk way of tearing his inside apart,
knowing there was no more time to hold her in his arms.
She knew what it meant.
Tears started to fall down her cheeks,
and there her happiness went.
To the cold concrete to which her tears fell.
She couldn’t get rid of that feeling.

He told her “I love You”, gave her one last kiss.
Then looked into her eyes and said, “We’re the reason I do this.
I want to give you everything, Fulfill your every wish. Now I have to go”
She couldn’t help but to say “No”
A ”no that came from deep inside her soul,
That in its way up shattered every bone
A ‘no’ that broke her soul, but that came out as nothing but a whisper.
He let her hand go and walked away.
She hopelessly saw him step into that train,
Knowing in her heart she would never see her soldier again.

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