You are the soft wind blowing in my face…
You’re the taste of water on my lips…
You’re the sun rays that I always feel, but never see…
You’re that everything that became a nothing,
and that nothing that became everything
You’re the air beneath my wings.
. Photo stolen from: AlexandreGarcez

11 thoughts on “You

      1. If he doesn’t… his loss.
        and there is hope for somebody else… 🙂
        ha, ha

        about “deep”, I heard that song in 2002… he, he…
        you might be getting some idea of my age now…. 😛
        anyway, it’s still one of my fave songs.. cause i relate so much…

    1. He is, indeed.
      A lucky man for moving me in such a way I would write about him,
      part of an exclusive club.
      But then again, I am lucky to have found a source of inspiration.

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