Remorseful Bliss

An ocean away our hearts still beat the same While shattering glass decorates the night.

Our longing souls still hold hope to the beauty of what may come.In silent agreement we cross our hearts to find what exists down deep.
The blueish glow reflects our fidelity, our desires, and our heart’s first choice, for our love has thrived without the lightest touch.

The moon is a sweet witness of how our love evolves, And the sun helps flowers bloom with the little love we show.

Somewhere, somehow, our hearts will beat in synch.And while I loose myself in his eyes, I’ll know this is where I’m meant to be.

.Art taken fromΒ Soulful Regrets


10 thoughts on “Remorseful Bliss

      1. I always think of somebody else when I hear it… he, he
        Cause I know a few women who’ve been in relationships, but could not settle… πŸ™‚

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