Bewitched… Involuntarily~

She had a dress on. One of those that is hard to forget due to the way it falls on her body like a waterfall, dances with the wind, and is her second skin.
Because of the way it enhances her every curve.

She sat down and slowly started remembering.

The longing nights that they shared, His jovial smiles, created by her…
Those adorable eyes that seemed to never get enough of her, and that somehow bewitched her…Involuntarily.

She smiled.

Just the memory of his warmth on her hand was enough to make her giggle.And the memories of their bodies held tight close together in the pool,
Playfully spending their days and nights under the moon.
What a deliciousness is remembering.

And just as she started remembering those nights of passion one wouldn’t dare forget she remembered how much she suffered when he left.

And she was done trying to remember.



Art by Thomas Saliot

© 2013 by  H. Stos. All rights reserved

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