The Duality of Words

Art by Mercedes Debellard


You aim to praise me, Yet somehow hurt me.

Causing a sting so deep my tears burn as they roll down my velvet cheeks.

Words are so meaningless, they truly mean nothing.

I’m gasping for air, while you try to help me breathe.

Somehow your whispers become daggers, and they are shot at my heart, Straight and fast.

I lose air amid an abysm,

and that’s just the start.

The Duality of your words…. so powerful,

Heaven I taste as I take a ride through hell.

8 thoughts on “The Duality of Words

    1. I try.. smiles. Thank you ! When I feel down and weird about writing your comments make me feel like a good writer.

      On Fri, Feb 22, 2013 at 2:32 PM, An Open Soul

      1. Opening your heart and sharing is not something to be ignored. It’s art. And you’re definitely a good writer. I’m surprised your English is so good. I think I saw somewhere you’re from RD?

      2. My English is good because I went to an American school since age seven, and took all my classes in English, except Spanish and Dominican History. I also study International Business in an English Program at college.

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