Only in dreams

Only in dreams are your words as soft as the biggest cloud on my sky…

and it is not your issue.

Only in dreams can I laugh and run like I used to,

feeling the wind on my skin as I run down the green hill…

Now, only in dreams.

Only in there am I free, disentangled

From whatever holds me down to you.

(love, I think they call it.)

I am loved like I want to,

You are as secure as you wish to.

Only in dreams is my smile unbroken.


Β© 2013, author writing as H. Stos. All rights reserved

7 thoughts on “Only in dreams

  1. Wow, I was coincidentally listening to the guitar version of “Greensleeves” when I read your poem. It seemed to match perfectly! lol
    Beautiful poem as always, but I’m a little mad at you. I was trying to write a poem myself here in a coffee shop, but yours was so good that I don’t feel capable to write something so great now πŸ˜€
    have a good evening

    1. I only read the whole comment now. Haha I’m pretty sure you can come up with something. I wrote two things before coming up with this, and even though I did not feel it was Good I pushed myself to post it because of my absence in WordPress lately. Good luck, Think “feelings”(laughs)
      Thank you. You too

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