Slowly, but Surely~


I slowly gave it up.

My bare body lying high across the bed,

the candle light playing with my curves.

Here I am, thinking of you.

Somewhere, somehow, you say my name

In that angelical voice that yearns to sin like hell,

By fragments it comes to me,

the sweetness of your taste.

Can we give it up?


. Art from isa-wyrd

© 2013, author writing as H. All rights reserved

5 thoughts on “Slowly, but Surely~

    1. Hey, sorry for the late reply. The “it”, well i dont really have a specific word hahaha. I didn’t know to phrase what it was, or even EXACTLY what it was I gave up at the time. I hope this made some sort of sense to you 🙂

  1. No problem…I understand that can be a really personal question. I have found that often women and men disassociate the giving of their body with giving their soul. It is the difference in “Do you want me” or “Do you want it” or “I gave myself” versus “I gave it up”. As a real lover, I desire true intimacy which involves body, mind, and spirit. Just trying to feel where you were coming from.

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