by Marhiao


She has stars in her eyes

reason she never goes blind.

Her mind is always on the moon

and her heart…

Well, her heart is always on

the hands of some fool.





2 thoughts on “Stars in her eyes

  1. oh, to catch a star and eyes open wide
    oh, to see the stars in her eyes
    How can a peasant hold such treasure and be not a fool
    spending what he could hold forever
    selling soul to unseen moons

    Since I don’t feel like blogging poetry I’m commenting poetry 😀
    Hey, I’m adding you to my favorites page. Love your writing always

    1. THANKKKKKKKKKKKKK YOU ! This was a beautiful/wonderful comment and one of the best comments I have gotten yet !
      I loved it.

      I see that, good job. At least you are expressing yourself and working on your art! 😀
      Thank you! I’m honored.

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