I’m stuck between reality and an ever-lasting dream.

Between what is and what could be..

Between a smile and shedding tears.

I’m stuck between who I am and whom I’d be

Holding on to the idea of how good things could be.

Being fooled with the sweetness of your words.

Being trapped into this prison you call love.

I’m torn between infatuation and desperation;

Days filled with agonizing frustration.

Every rising sun a call for more.

Every sunset witnessing unhealthy love.

5 thoughts on “STUCK

  1. Swaying so gracefully
    a figurine dancing in limbo
    Trying not to crouch, or express
    unspeakable pain of a soul, but

    Soil holding the roots
    splashed the petals of a flower
    Musical thunder and light flashing
    and a never ending shower

    Oh mighty Zeus rock the sea!
    Part the clouds and clear the doom
    Give power back to a goddess seed
    allow the flower to bloom


    Beautiful poem you wrote H.

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