A Review of Some Marijuana I Bought on the Internet

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Essa On Everything

“OMG, you can’t buy weed on the web! It’s fake…you’ll get busted…” says anyone ever who has not discovered the beauty that is the deep web.


Look, before you gear up your lectures, I’m not buying bags of oregano on Craigslist. I’m buying from a clinic in California. As for getting busted, I would be a lot more worried about law enforcement wasting valuable time doing a forensic IP search so they can bust me for buying a dime bag than I worry about the inevitable probation that would follow my bust.

Oh no! Probation…i.e. law enforcement’s equivalent of your parents saying “don’t do it again.”

Luckily, my online purchase arrives without incident, vacuum sealed for freshness, in a discreet brown box. I open the box and to my delight, see that my purchase has been pre-rolled for my convenience.

The marijuana comes with a helpful card from the company…

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