If I had not before, I have met my devil.

It comes as fresh, scented skin so soft it makes your fingertips tickle.
Eyes so deep the ocean is no comparison, and the forever-inspiring blue sky is utterly jealous.
It comes as a smile so wonderful your world just stops for a second. It lingers on your every sense, a momentum. You are absorbed into the wonderful fantasy world it creates for you. It comes as playful innocence that will lure you into believing his heart is true.


He just stands in front of you.
Before you know it, he owns every part of you.

He consumes you…
Lifting you high while skies are blue, loving from afar when needed. Giving you all of him, make you a believer. He will become your all. Pleasuring you, traveling roads unknown.

Before you know it, you start to feel the cold.
Actions you can’t comprehend starting fucking with your soul.
As seasons past your shades start turning dark,
This is when you realize your devil is sleeping in your arms.

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