A toast to you and your endearing set of eyes, warm as vanilla make me soar high into the sky. A toast to your tender lips, sweet as honey, enchanting with every smile you take, always stunning. A toast to that magnetic field you call skin, your fingertips trailing newfound paths through my skin. I so badly wish to have you, inch by inch. I crave, hunger, your skin on my skin.

Can I ask you to be mine only for a little while?  I’ll paint star trails, with my lips, going down your spine. Our sheets will feel like heaven. Oh, a fire so compelling… consumes all of me,  brings fire unto my skin. Once again, I live.

A delicious rendevouz you are, making home of the space between the tickles down my spine. In a second you control me, with a single glance you own me. Your skin my favorite sin. Nectar drops run down and thin. A toast to this delicious thing

~ H.S

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