About my soul

Ever since I can remember I’ve had this passion for words,for putting them together in such a way souls would be inspired and hearts would be touched. 
I remember being a kid and filling notebooks again and again of either one of my “novels”, or my feelings or thoughts expressed through ink.
Then it stopped.
And I existed as I slowly felt my passion dissolve in my insides.  I think I was 10.
Within the later years my passion revived, and with it bravery enough to share it with the world, have a space of my own. This is my space. It has always been a dream to write, to express, know, and find myself through words. This is me, in my totality and duality. A 19 year-old girl writing off the coast of a Caribbean island.
I hope you enjoy.

21 thoughts on “About my soul

  1. Nice to see that you’ve rediscovered your passion for writing. I think our passions represents our purpose in life. I’m just now beginning to discover my own passion for writing. Happy writing to you. 🙂

    1. Yeah, I believe so too. I also believe this is one of my purposes in life, but I still have humongous walls of insecurity I have to break down. I am happy that you are happy writing to me, and will make sure to follow along as you discover for passion for writing even further. 😀

      1. Oh yes, i relate to your walls of insecurity. I think the key for us is to simply keep writing and discovering. Before we know it we’ll be polished gems.

      2. Haha hopefully that’s true. But I refrain myself from writing because I think I’m not good enough, I guess I have to deal with myself :p

  2. A beautifully wonderful blog!

    I rarely sit and read so many posts in one go. However, today I have sat and read you, knowing that I did not come across a single post that wasn’t wonderfully beautiful!

    You are young, but your “ink” isn’t. I wish your pen and you a blessed future ahead, H.S. Shine bright!!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. I am glad you found something you liked, as did I in your blog. Thank you for the blessings and may you have the same blessed future you wish for me and my pen. Greetings from Dominican Republic 🙂

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