Golden Cage, Broken Armor

I can still hear his voice in the back of my head, “You will never be great!” Stumbling, I’d find my way back to my room and write my tears away. This was day after day. 

It was rebellion, I was more than a little trophy he could show off to his friends. It was emotion, I haven’t seen you in two weeks, would you care to please be there? It was disgusting. Time after time evolving on words that hurt like stone. Oh such, such a fragile soul. 

It was my childhood. A golden cage, a broken armor. Birds chirping, parents arguing in the background. A fire gun. 

I refuse to bitch about it like a victim of my fate. Smile for life, Baby, Simply look the other way. 


Opus One 

” Un Alma Abierta”~Entre Latidos y suspiros 

por Haronny Santos ~

Sus deseos para mí son órdenes y él no lo sabe. Su aura me cautiva, envuelve, me atrapa… saca y trabaja la sumisa que hay en mi, mirada que pide a gritos tiernos que “abuses” de mi.
Sin advertencia me transporta a aquel momento que compartimos una vez. Nace el sol, yo su muñeca él mi bebé.
Desciendo en él mientras rayos de sol 

besan mi esbelta silueta, 

sus manos acarician dulcemente

mi espalda descubierta… 
Como mosca al fuego 

Al mis ojos dar con él.

Un sorbo de Opus One,


Enchanted by Lust

My numb soul craves you and the tickles down my spine with a single gaze. As a Phoenix, crave the fire that consumes me, engulfs me, rebuilds me, and somehow consoles me.
I crave the boiling point your eyes have become, burning my skin down to my soul.  

Enchanted by lust I wonder blindly towards paths unknown, surrendering to your charm, hopelessly and willingly, fueled by your tender touch, so deliciously forbidden




If words were enough to feel you, 

I would write until there were no words left. 

I’d make sure to write the finest poetry for your eyes,

Make sure to in every verse aim for a smile. 

I would make you want to be mine. 


Your words caress my soul in a way 
that makes my thighs tremble.

I bite my lips. 

I want to surrender.