Thomas Saliot 

They say it’s love…
being powerless, having no control.
Putting yourself in the hands of another
because through your eyes they would hold it Holy.
They call it love… Powerless,
Handing all control….


The Loveliest Rendezvous


Found refugee in his arms in my darkest nights.
The light at the end of the tunnel,
His breathtakingly gorgeous smile
That brings a shiver up my spine
Every… single… time…

Oh, he whispers lullabies in my ears,
My source of motivation.
He’s led me to salvation;
My source of Inspiration.

He’s got a set of angel eyes
That burn right through me.
Yet, I’ve been good at hiding
I’d surrender to him…


painting by Cory Jayde



A toast to you and your endearing set of eyes, warm as vanilla make me soar high into the sky. A toast to your tender lips, sweet as honey, enchanting with every smile you take, always stunning. A toast to that magnetic field you call skin, your fingertips trailing newfound paths through my skin. I so badly wish to have you, inch by inch. I crave, hunger, your skin on my skin.

Can I ask you to be mine only for a little while?  I’ll paint star trails, with my lips, going down your spine. Our sheets will feel like heaven. Oh, a fire so compelling… consumes all of me,  brings fire unto my skin. Once again, I live.

A delicious rendevouz you are, making home of the space between the tickles down my spine. In a second you control me, with a single glance you own me. Your skin my favorite sin. Nectar drops run down and thin. A toast to this delicious thing

~ H.S

Morning Dusk

Thomas Saliot

By the time you’ve realized it it’s too late
She’s already going the other way.
And there’s simply nothing you can say,             nothing
                                     that will make her change her ways.

There’s nothing that mattered more than looking into your eyes, but she has no doubt in her heart or mind – She will be just fine.


Two Free Souls in Sync


You’ve never been mine.

Even though we’ve passionately twirled around each other’s bodies and desires.

Even though I’ve witnessed you sigh in admiration at my naked self…

Even though you’ve passionately felt me in the deepest part of your core,

and wished -even if just for a moment- that I was yours, and only yours.

I have never been yours.

Even though I have looked into your eyes and blushed,

because a simple look from you was enough.

Even though you have captivated every part of me, enamoured my soul.

Even after having you tenderly kissed me so deeply it reached my soul.

You have never been mine.

I have never been yours.


This was something I wrote a long ago, found among my drafts.

An Open Soul