Caterpillar to Butterfly

And even though the caterpillar never fathomed flying the skies metamorphosis beautifully transformed her, now she can spread her wings and fly. Resilience, if done right, transforms us in the same way. It allows us to realize our true nature, maximize our potential… a new world opens up for us, we just need to spread our wings and fly, ready to conquer the sky. |H.Santos|



Ella, de esas que lees lentamente buscando el mensaje subliminal entre versos, dejándote captivar por la magia de sus besos. Ella, profunda y misteriosa como el océano, se revela capa por capa y solamente si te lo ganas. Ella, de esas que te acarician el alma con una mirada…. {H.S.}

Set my Soul on Fire ~

Carlos Reid

I thought I had seen fire in his eyes,
One that had awakened my soul.
A fire so bright, dancing so gallantly, it made me smile and dance along.

I thought that he had golden veins due to the beauty in his heart, with the soft lullabies he whispered in my ears, he was a wish upon a star.

Yet, it turns out the fire I saw was but a reflection of my own eyes. Turns out I have golden veins, and speak in lovely lullabies. I just had failed to realize…

Haronny S.
An Open Soul~



You lured me into fantasy world where the waves are sweet and caress the shore. Where sun doesn’t burn your skin but kisses it softly, cold and sweet.

I became such a Believer of whatever came out of your lips. Followed your every word, retraced your every step, lost myself trying to not lose your sweet and warm embrace.
If I could go back to the beginning of it all, and start over again. I would shed a single tear as I walked the other way. 

An Open Soul~ 

Why You Should Simply Not Give a F*ck…

Art by Thomas Saliot

We’ve heard it all a million times…

“Life is short”, “Your life should be exciting”, “You Only Live Once”…. 

Besides all the overly-used cliches that start to strike less and less each time to our attention, there are several other reasons why you just simply not give a fuck…. and live your life.

First of all, those cliches dont lie… You WILL only live once, And even though one time might be enough if done right, it might also be decades before it strikes you that Oops! 3/4 of your life has gone by and you have done nothing that fills you with joy and makes you feel alive at least 30 constant days in your life. Before you know it you will find yourself looking outside your window reminisicing on wasted youth and all the should have’s and what if’s…

Art by Thomas Saliot

Second, You can only be reckless for so long… I don’t think I’m the only one to feel that days pass in the glimpse of an eye, and vivid moments become shooting stars in our night skies, all of a sudden. Before you know it, you are a “young adult” and you find yourself stuck with “responsibilities” and monthly bases that need to be covered… And the uphill battle towards spontaneity starts…

Let loose!!  Live, be young while you STILL ARE!! Live your life inmersing yourself in every stage there is to live. Explore, Travel, Learn, Investigate, Laugh, be silly, be reckless, party, do it all and do it with grace, or don’t do it at all.. After all, if you are planning on having kids the Internet can be a very shameful tool your kids may one day use against you..

Thomas Saliot, once again

Third, YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE THAT’S GOING TO LIVE WITH YOUR REGRETS! Just like your friends do not shed the same tears that come out of your eyes, or feel the heart-breaking pain that sometimes kills you inside, they will not be left with empty spaces of could have’s, unfulfilled dreams or memories… So what saying should they have in your life ?? Haven’t you noticed everyone envies a little the person who feels the most free and actually lives their life???

In the end, you will be the ONLY one left with your unfilled bucket list!

Thomas Saliot

When the pretty starts to fade, so do some facades… 


You owe it to yourself to live a life full of passion, full of vivid memories that will make you laugh alone when you are in your 70’s in a rocking chair, (or floating chair with this new tech).. You owe yourself Adventures worthy of bestselling books, love affairs that make you laugh while you sleep and make your skin burn with the glimpse of a smile... You deserve to feel alive!!

You deserve to explore the world and travel roads unknowns, even if sometimes freeing your soul feels like you’re loosing yourself. You will always find you way home.


Haronny Santos

2015 Copyright (c)

Never Say Yes

And she will never say yes, because she knows the truth is made up of lies.

She knows her skies are made up of stars that will never fathom into constellations

She is aware even when she is trying to be unaware.

She is naked, her skin and soul bared.

She will never say yes.

Because saying yes would mean being the fool of an illusion

Existent only in her mind, making her every wish collide.

She will not say yes regardless of how much she wants to.

Regardless of how much she wants it to be real.

Regardless of how badly she needs to