Quiero recorrerte… Recorrerte de mil maneras, ninguna igual a la otra hasta aprenderme de memoria cada centímetro de tu piel. Que me salga natural tocarte en el lugar exacto para en un segundo tu fuego interno prender… una y otra vez. 

Quiero devorarte… Poco a poquito, degustarte despacito y embriagarme de pasión una y otra vez. Quiero perderme en tus brazos, hacer de tu boca mi refugio y que el calor de tu piel me enloquezca con la misma intensidad cada nuevo amanecer.

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You lured me into fantasy world where the waves are sweet and caress the shore. Where sun doesn’t burn your skin but kisses it softly, cold and sweet.

I became such a Believer of whatever came out of your lips. Followed your every word, retraced your every step, lost myself trying to not lose your sweet and warm embrace.
If I could go back to the beginning of it all, and start over again. I would shed a single tear as I walked the other way. 

An Open Soul~ 




If words were enough to feel you, 

I would write until there were no words left. 

I’d make sure to write the finest poetry for your eyes,

Make sure to in every verse aim for a smile. 

I would make you want to be mine. 


Your words caress my soul in a way 
that makes my thighs tremble.

I bite my lips. 

I want to surrender. 


by Baronique

You can’t tame a wild heart,

luring into unknown grounds

just for the thrill of the high.

Oh no, baby, you can’t

force me to stop being me.

Just Like I can’t stop you from being

everything you are meant to be.


Yet, I’m tamed.

Unruled, free at mind, at heart,

while your name runs its path

through my golden veins

What can I say?

You turn me inside out,

And it is a beautiful grace.

Two Free Souls in Sync


You’ve never been mine.

Even though we’ve passionately twirled around each other’s bodies and desires.

Even though I’ve witnessed you sigh in admiration at my naked self…

Even though you’ve passionately felt me in the deepest part of your core,

and wished -even if just for a moment- that I was yours, and only yours.

I have never been yours.

Even though I have looked into your eyes and blushed,

because a simple look from you was enough.

Even though you have captivated every part of me, enamoured my soul.

Even after having you tenderly kissed me so deeply it reached my soul.

You have never been mine.

I have never been yours.


This was something I wrote a long ago, found among my drafts.

An Open Soul




I’m tired of trying. 

I’m tired of crying

Im tired of running

into your arms. 


With such desperation 

And no hesitation 

I gasp for air 

Crawling out of your arms.


Would you give me a break-or two?


I’m tired of warm tears

I’m tired of wishing

Tired of imagining it another way.


I’m tired of this us,  

Im tired of that you,

I’m tired of this me, 

I’m tired like hell.