Untitled (#1)

It’s really hard
Not finding the words you crave to find
Not having the air you die to breathe
Realizing nothing’s the color you thought
it would be.

You slowly die inside
In every silence, every piece of misery
Every piece of willingness to accept it all.
You die, and you don’t even notice it.

It happens ever so slightly, and before you know it
Everything that made you glorious is gone.

-Photo stolen from Kellymckernan


Me and my thoughts.
My mind attacks itself
reviving broken memories.

What a way to live
giving into every tear
as an attempt to heal.

It’s never made me falter
Never affected my strength
The warm breeze is nothing but
a reminder of what could have gone next

Memories come crashing in
destroying everything as they please.
A power only anger can give.

I wholly give into myself
longing for that extra mile
that extra kiss, that extra smile
That extra day in our old lives.

(The sun rays lightly adorning
my hair as the wind softly kissed my face.
Your hand in mine.
I feel alive.
One of the first last times)

Your weakness strikes me
like a lighting.
A soul-crushing pain
it caused that not even alcohol
would numb.
But you wouldn’t know.