You are the soft wind blowing in my face…
You’re the taste of water on my lips…
You’re the sun rays that I always feel, but never see…
You’re that everything that became a nothing,
and that nothing that became everything
You’re the air beneath my wings.
. Photo stolen from: AlexandreGarcez

He Forgets Me

And he forgets me.

Just as we tend to forget our happiest days when the skies are grey, he forgets me. Just as a child forgets about his old games. Just like once forgets their first smile. He forgets without wanting to, compelled into the beauty of the world that is right in front of his eyes, held tight in his hands, kneeling in from of him. He forgets me with the waves of naked bodies to come. I am left feeling oh, so cold.

He simply forgets about me.

The words that were once said, the feelings we once felt, the love we almost knew. It is all now a blur in the past. I am nothing but a drop of water in his ocean of memories. I am a face with no name, or a name with no face. But I have been forgotten. I have been replaced. I have been erased.

Now my favorite song is nothing but a memory of Him.
And my favorite poetry is forbidden for me. Everything reminds me of him. Even the air seems to whisper his name in my ear as I try to move on.

He forgets me, and I still have to move on.


Photo taken from: Cypherx

You Deserve

You deserve more than words that rhyme. You deserve more than one of my smiles.
You deserve more than the image of a sun setting on an ocean’s horizon,
Its rays making the whole thing glow.

You deserve more than anything I could ever write You.You deserve so much.

You deserve my heart, my mind, my body, and last but not least, my soul.