If words were enough to feel you, 

I would write until there were no words left. 

I’d make sure to write the finest poetry for your eyes,

Make sure to in every verse aim for a smile. 

I would make you want to be mine. 


Your words caress my soul in a way 
that makes my thighs tremble.

I bite my lips. 

I want to surrender. 

Every Now and Then

Every now and then,
whether here or there
Your voice is carried by the wind
and hums melodies in my ear.
It’s so sweet.
To hear you whisper my name
with such everlasting longing,
and to have you caress my neck
with the melody of your voice.

Every now and then…

Every now and then
I catch a glimpse of your smile
when you think no one’s watching.
And I rejoice with the curves of your lips
every now and then.

Every now and then I forget, and fall.
I fall into your arms
and the sweet promise of nothing..
I fall into the sweet abyss that is you.
Every now and then you kiss me.

Every now and then…

And every now and then your skin
feels like a velvet touch
against the roughness that is my heart.
I wish I could forget you were ever mine,
every now and then.





And I forget why this existed, why the longing in my heart never ceases..


And the memory of the past is as bright as the sun. It blinds me, dearly.


And I’m gone. And I’m lost. And I’m forever yours


.photography from Flickr

You Deserve

You deserve more than words that rhyme. You deserve more than one of my smiles.
You deserve more than the image of a sun setting on an ocean’s horizon,
Its rays making the whole thing glow.

You deserve more than anything I could ever write You.You deserve so much.

You deserve my heart, my mind, my body, and last but not least, my soul.

Towards the Unknown

sexy lips

I take his hand, and he leads me unto the unknown.

Right past the colorful flowers and green pasture I have grown so used to.

Right past the swing that hangs from the oak tree.

Right through the monotony it becomes to live in a Country Club.

Rushing through it like a businessman who is late for an important meeting.

Rushing because life as I know it is too dull, too restrictive, too black or white.

But still… rushing.  And I hold on tight.


I have no idea where we are headed, but the pasture is not angelically green.

It is dark. The dark  that invites you to roll in it butt-naked,

to arch your back and let out a moan.

The sky is not azure. It is different shades of gray that makes everything beneath it look exotic.

The air is not as fresh. It is sultry. There’s something wicked about it.

Nevertheless, I hold his hand.

I trust his ways. I believe he knows better.


Picture taken from: Tanzdreamer