I’m like a soldier standing on a lost battle’s battlefield
And every word is just another shot you make.
But my feet are frozen…
My feet are stuck into the cold floor and
even though you can see in my eyes despair,
I can’t move, I can’t do nothing but stand
and hope to be bulletproof.

The skies are grey and so are my surroundings.
I can’t see clear; I cannot think.
Struggling to stay alert; considering
every breath as if the last one it might be.

I keep praying for angels as I hear the gunshot fired,
I keep praying for love.
I stand there because of hope.
My heart’s too tired to fire back
and all my mates are on the ground,
laying flat, their souls flying around.

But there I stand.
as a tear rolls down my side,
there I am.
I am a soldier standing on a lost battle’s battlefield
with bullets flying all around me waiting to be hit.
I am hope falling to the ground as a teardrop…
Three bullets later, I don’t exist.