Every Now and Then

Every now and then,
whether here or there
Your voice is carried by the wind
and hums melodies in my ear.
It’s so sweet.
To hear you whisper my name
with such everlasting longing,
and to have you caress my neck
with the melody of your voice.

Every now and then…

Every now and then
I catch a glimpse of your smile
when you think no one’s watching.
And I rejoice with the curves of your lips
every now and then.

Every now and then I forget, and fall.
I fall into your arms
and the sweet promise of nothing..
I fall into the sweet abyss that is you.
Every now and then you kiss me.

Every now and then…

And every now and then your skin
feels like a velvet touch
against the roughness that is my heart.
I wish I could forget you were ever mine,
every now and then.



She admires the reflected sunlight
and thinks of him. She thinks of 
his touch, and that enchanting
smile that captured every part
or her soul… deeply.

He is hurt.

He cannot quite place his finger on it, and doesn’t exactly know why, but a part of him is. Deep down, he is.

Maybe it was the harshness of the truth in her words, intended with the sweetest form of sincerity. Maybe it was the fact that she never truly chased him. Perhaps the decision itself hurt him, even though both knew not much could be done. 

Maybe his prideful self never thought someone could resist such words, such form of admiration, discovery, and adventure.

Perhaps the aftermath wasn’t of his liking; She always kept far from what was expected.

It thrills him, hurts him, and amazes him.


What has her drug 
became her antidote.


Two Free Souls in Sync


You’ve never been mine.

Even though we’ve passionately twirled around each other’s bodies and desires.

Even though I’ve witnessed you sigh in admiration at my naked self…

Even though you’ve passionately felt me in the deepest part of your core,

and wished -even if just for a moment- that I was yours, and only yours.

I have never been yours.

Even though I have looked into your eyes and blushed,

because a simple look from you was enough.

Even though you have captivated every part of me, enamoured my soul.

Even after having you tenderly kissed me so deeply it reached my soul.

You have never been mine.

I have never been yours.


This was something I wrote a long ago, found among my drafts.

An Open Soul

Think of Him

Every now and then I think of him. Of his invisible self that makes me still wonder… still compelled. Every now and then I hear his voice, strong and passionate with the taste of my name. They dance in my ears as would a sweet melody, captivating every part of my body. Dancing in my ears as a sweet symphony; Making me drunk with  a cocktail of feelings.

Every now and then I still imagine him, and wonder about what would’ve been. About the countless smiles that we once shared, now lost somewhere in the yesterday. Now our days have lost their spark, and my eyes lean towards the dark, leaving all brightness they had behind.

Every now and then…

Every now and then I search for his face among the crowd, knowing that if I stared him in the eyes, I wouldn’t know he had been mine. Every now and then I miss him. When the sun is set to bed, and the wind has nothing left to say, and the palm trees decide to swing themselves in what’s left of it,
I think about his smile. I think about my smiles.
And save myself from the feelings…

And every now and then as I look into the eyes of someone else, I wish somehow that someone else was him. I would know that way, that for even a while we walked down the same path… At least.


. Art from Jack Vettriano

The Web


How could I avoid getting caught up in that web of pure seduction?

The one that seduces me and draws me in into the unknown.

Teasing me slightly, owning me slowly, and over my body taking control.

Could it now possibly stop?

The aching and longing you’ve discovered.

The eagerness to learn, discover new things…

Fulfill a long-felt need.


My Kind Of Love

The kind of love I want may be uncommon,

or may be common among the people that are truly in love.

I wouldn’t know…

I want a kind of love that protects me even from my very self.

Someone that knows just when I am about to reach my limits,

even when I am unaware.

The kind of love I want is the kind of love you write movies about,

not because it may be epic,

not because it was fun and wild,

or had to endure a lot of trouble,

but simply because it was real.

I want a kind of love that doesn’t ask about the past,

because it would only care about the present me,

not all the mistakes and things that led to me.

I want a love that accepts the real me.

Not the me with makeup and stilettos on,

or the me that everyone thinks I am,

The me that only I know I am,

and my better half.

I want someone who laughs at my corniest jokes,

and tells me I love you right afterwards,

because when corny I’m at my best.

I want someone who will look into my eyes

and loose themselves in them,

longing to own my heart, mind, and soul.

I want a love that will embrace me,

that will protect me, that will cherish me

and adore me like no one else ever has.

Someone that gives me some realistic version of a fairytale,

because we’d both be bored trying

to fit into the mold of “perfection”.

I want a love with a little danger.

A love that’s fun and always youthful,

would be my kind of love,

no matter how many decades it already has.

A love that will inspire people to ask us

the secret to the happiness of a romantic life.

I want a love I am proud to tell my grandchildren about,

right next to their grandpa.

I want a love that takes my breath away,

with a gaze, with a touch, with an ever so slight kiss.

A love that will caress my back every night to help me fall asleep.

I want a love that gives it all,

because it will be receiving the very best of me.