Where have i been?

I’ve been stuck between reality and my piece of fantasy

Wandering off to places always unknown.

Daydreaming about some kind of hope

Trying to be alone…


Where Have I been?

I’ve been between my eyes

and between my trembling lips

everytime someone says your name

I’ve been inside the pandemonium 

my mind has become.


I’ve been trying to be alone..

Because of You~

Every once in a while I gaze back.

It’s already been some time,
but Somewhere inside me it’s still alive.
You never looked back, never looked back.
Even after some months I shed tears.
No matter how far you go,
to me you’re right here.
My chest will pump faster just for you;
And I’ll feel the same rush everytime I see you.
Why dont we go back?
Let the memories come back.
I’ll slowly kiss your neck;
I’m hurting ’cause of you
Turned into someone new ’cause of you
‘Cause of you.
And I love you
so deeply and purely
I miss you
My heart has no love
for other than you.
Still you…
Will it ever stop being you?
First Published on: Sep 2, 2011 @ 22:42

I’m homesick for a place that never mattered,
that never really existed.
I’m nostalgic for words that held no meaning,
for moments consisting of empty smiles.
Longing for wonderful days of missleading actions
filled with the emptiness of words,
of words that mattered the most.
Filled with actions with no meaning to our souls.
I’m homesick for a place of laughter,
that made our insides feel empty.
I’m homesick for the road that led
Into your pit of snakes.
I’m homesick for you, my unreal friend,
and everything that hides behind that meaning.