Had seen it all, or so I thought. Then ran into your beautiful smile
Pearly white, radiant… Paired with a sad, thoughtful pair of eyes.
Lost and shallow, as if your soul were hollow
Seemed lost in despair.
Body present, but heart wasn’t there.
Compelled, couldn’t resist looking at you.
Embellished with sunshine, such an splendid view.
Slowly, but surely I found my way into your heart.
Flowers blooming in concrete walls, merely the start.
Eyes now vivid and joyful, smile now filled with life.
Oh, how perfect timing would change the rest of our lives. ♥

Morning Dusk

Thomas Saliot

By the time you’ve realized it it’s too late
She’s already going the other way.
And there’s simply nothing you can say,             nothing
                                     that will make her change her ways.

There’s nothing that mattered more than looking into your eyes, but she has no doubt in her heart or mind – She will be just fine.


Never Say Yes

And she will never say yes, because she knows the truth is made up of lies.

She knows her skies are made up of stars that will never fathom into constellations

She is aware even when she is trying to be unaware.

She is naked, her skin and soul bared.

She will never say yes.

Because saying yes would mean being the fool of an illusion

Existent only in her mind, making her every wish collide.

She will not say yes regardless of how much she wants to.

Regardless of how much she wants it to be real.

Regardless of how badly she needs to




I’m soft.

I try not to let the world made me hard, or your lies break my smile.

I’m soft as the wind whispering into your ear an “I love You”.

Soft as the birds, high in flight.

Free of spirit, heart, and mind.

I’m soft because this world allows me to love you.


I’m soft.


I’m a soft drop of water running down your back;

Soft candle light adoring your thighs.

I am your soft heart breaking into pieces.

I am your warm smile greeting all those she misses.


Every Now and Then

Every now and then,
whether here or there
Your voice is carried by the wind
and hums melodies in my ear.
It’s so sweet.
To hear you whisper my name
with such everlasting longing,
and to have you caress my neck
with the melody of your voice.

Every now and then…

Every now and then
I catch a glimpse of your smile
when you think no one’s watching.
And I rejoice with the curves of your lips
every now and then.

Every now and then I forget, and fall.
I fall into your arms
and the sweet promise of nothing..
I fall into the sweet abyss that is you.
Every now and then you kiss me.

Every now and then…

And every now and then your skin
feels like a velvet touch
against the roughness that is my heart.
I wish I could forget you were ever mine,
every now and then.


Beautiful Lies…

You told me once, you told me twice
that things would chance.
You painted diamonds in my sky,
yet it always looked the same.

Oh, those beautiful lies that your lips
whispered to me, carving scars in my skin.
Burning sorrows and crying golden parts of me.

A Little lie, every other day
to keep the thought of leaving you away.
What could I say?
I called it love.We called it love.

You traced lines along my curves
and kissed my hips, nude and soft.
Burning so softly, the candle lit.
Ending so smoothly, truth in between.

And I called it love.
We called it love.


Here I am, once again

The world tempts me with a smile.

Parted roads, blurred the lines,

Demanded that which was right.

So much sorrow I felt

as I let my world collide

into his arms.

Into his arms.

Lost myself

into his arms.

Learning to be me again

Won’t stop for a yesterday.

Into the shore I will part

with a smile burning my eyes