Through Dark Meadows~

You may have words you’ll never say
And dreams you’ll never live.
But you’ll have me.
And the tide might rise to your neck,
If so, i’ll help you breathe.
I will never leave.
And your light might become darkness and shades,
I’ll remind you what it’s like to feel safe.
I will guide you home, I’ll ignite your soul.
I won’t let you go.

I’m homesick for a place that never mattered,
that never really existed.
I’m nostalgic for words that held no meaning,
for moments consisting of empty smiles.
Longing for wonderful days of missleading actions
filled with the emptiness of words,
of words that mattered the most.
Filled with actions with no meaning to our souls.
I’m homesick for a place of laughter,
that made our insides feel empty.
I’m homesick for the road that led
Into your pit of snakes.
I’m homesick for you, my unreal friend,
and everything that hides behind that meaning.