You lured me into fantasy world where the waves are sweet and caress the shore. Where sun doesn’t burn your skin but kisses it softly, cold and sweet.

I became such a Believer of whatever came out of your lips. Followed your every word, retraced your every step, lost myself trying to not lose your sweet and warm embrace.
If I could go back to the beginning of it all, and start over again. I would shed a single tear as I walked the other way. 

An Open Soul~ 


by Baronique

You can’t tame a wild heart,

luring into unknown grounds

just for the thrill of the high.

Oh no, baby, you can’t

force me to stop being me.

Just Like I can’t stop you from being

everything you are meant to be.


Yet, I’m tamed.

Unruled, free at mind, at heart,

while your name runs its path

through my golden veins

What can I say?

You turn me inside out,

And it is a beautiful grace.


Old pic; back when I had longer hair.

I’ve been hiding from you.

Because I’m afraid you’ll teach me  things I don’t wanna know,

regardless of how much I need them.

 You cut me open every single time,

light shining were not even I have reached.

You do those things to me.

I’ve been hiding from you.

Because the truth seems like a paradox

 I don’t want to comprehend.

I don’t wanna hurt, but my soul and writing need you.

I’ve been hiding from you.

Because I’m scared. Terrified of you and those beautiful eyes

that rip me apart with no hesitation, and that soft smile

that makes me feel everything will be OK.

That’s the point of living, to learn

I’ve been keeping myself from you,

because I know every word there is to say,

every bone there is to tickle

and every space of skin there is to kiss.

I’ve made love to the truth over and over again,

but I can’t face it tonight.