Thomas Saliot 

They say it’s love…
being powerless, having no control.
Putting yourself in the hands of another
because through your eyes they would hold it Holy.
They call it love… Powerless,
Handing all control….


Caterpillar to Butterfly

And even though the caterpillar never fathomed flying the skies metamorphosis beautifully transformed her, now she can spread her wings and fly. Resilience, if done right, transforms us in the same way. It allows us to realize our true nature, maximize our potential… a new world opens up for us, we just need to spread our wings and fly, ready to conquer the sky. |H.Santos|

Set my Soul on Fire ~

Carlos Reid

I thought I had seen fire in his eyes,
One that had awakened my soul.
A fire so bright, dancing so gallantly, it made me smile and dance along.

I thought that he had golden veins due to the beauty in his heart, with the soft lullabies he whispered in my ears, he was a wish upon a star.

Yet, it turns out the fire I saw was but a reflection of my own eyes. Turns out I have golden veins, and speak in lovely lullabies. I just had failed to realize…

Haronny S.
An Open Soul~

The facade

There is something marvelous about finding yourself and carving your way
Regardless of how many tears you shed or mistakes you make.
Regardless of how many sleepless nights you go without dreaming;
Wondering if smiles are real or deceiving…

But you change..

The drive in your eyes seems to dissipate every time he looks your way
and into a love story you fade..
What a facade.


I thought you were the waves to my sand

Just as the waves crash against each other

Our souls have collided.

The outcome is not as magnificent,

Or as beautiful.

Just as the waves kiss the sand

Whenever they reach shore

My heart craved your touch.

I was, simply, never enough.

Now you’re kissing other shores

and I’m waiting for your waves.

Crashing, colliding inside

Trying to make room for air.


Because of You~

Every once in a while I gaze back.

It’s already been some time,
but Somewhere inside me it’s still alive.
You never looked back, never looked back.
Even after some months I shed tears.
No matter how far you go,
to me you’re right here.
My chest will pump faster just for you;
And I’ll feel the same rush everytime I see you.
Why dont we go back?
Let the memories come back.
I’ll slowly kiss your neck;
I’m hurting ’cause of you
Turned into someone new ’cause of you
‘Cause of you.
And I love you
so deeply and purely
I miss you
My heart has no love
for other than you.
Still you…
Will it ever stop being you?
First Published on: Sep 2, 2011 @ 22:42