Take you to the moon

Let me take you to the moon

Can assure you’ll love the ride back

Let’s explore the world together

Collecting stars for your eyes.

I will slide with you down rainbows

Find ways of making your tears sweet.

I will sing to you, dear darling,

Days Filled of sweet melody.

There will be no place like ours

Once your heart merges with mine.

You’ll forget about the world

My eyes will be your holiest desire.

An addiction. You will never get enough

You will meet marvelous places you didn’t know exist in your soul.

That’s my love.

So let me take you to the moon,

we’ll find our home amongst the stars.

Let me take you to the moon.

You’ll never wanna come back.


by Baronique

You can’t tame a wild heart,

luring into unknown grounds

just for the thrill of the high.

Oh no, baby, you can’t

force me to stop being me.

Just Like I can’t stop you from being

everything you are meant to be.


Yet, I’m tamed.

Unruled, free at mind, at heart,

while your name runs its path

through my golden veins

What can I say?

You turn me inside out,

And it is a beautiful grace.


     Show me something delicate.

Delicate as the way you hold my hand

when you think he might be watching.

Delicate like the flowers

who refused to bloom this spring.

Like the lovely thought

of you and me.